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Super refund

Superannuation refund – info for temporary residents

If you are a temporary resident in Australia, and you have worked while you were here, then it’s possible that your boss paid some money into a superannuation (‘super’) account for you. It’s called the Superannuation Guarantee, and it is compulsory under Australian law.

Normally, Australian employees can’t access their super until they retire.

However if you are in Australia on a temporary work visa, then you can usually claim that super as a refund after you leave, and your temporary visa has expired.

You can generally claim your superannuation refund online by:

  1. Applying for a ‘Departing Australia super payment (DASP)’ through the Australian Taxation Office or
  2. Applying through a specialist superannuation refund site.

In either case, you should have your Australian Tax File Number (‘TFN’) at hand and, if possible, the name and ABN of any superannuation funds your employer or employers may have paid your super into.

Not sure how to claim? Or where your super is?

Don’t worry. The Australian superannuation system is set up so that the Tax Office and refund sites can usually find your super for you, especially if you have your TFN.

If you’re not sure of the funds that an employer paid your super into, fill in as much detail online as you can, and submit your form. They’ll do the rest.

Even if you don’t know your TFN, it’s still possible for the Tax Office and refund sites to find your super, but it might take a bit longer.