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Find lost super

It’s easier than you think

How to find lost superannuation?

Just follow these steps - they are free!

Step 1. Use the ATO's online service via myGov

Step 2. Check with AUSfund to see if any lost or unclaimed super has been sent there

Step 3. Roll any super into one account to save on fees.

Two ways forward

There are two primary ways to find any lost or unclaimed superannuation. Both are free!

  1. Through the Australian Tax Office and
  2. Through AUSfund (Australia’s unclaimed super fund)

The first thing you should do is register for the Australian Taxation Office’s online service on myGov or by calling 13 10 20.

The online service will show details of all your super accounts, including any you may have lost or forgotten.

AUSfund can locate any unclaimed super that has been recently transferred to its accounts. Go to

What is ‘unclaimed’ super?

The ATO may be holding some unclaimed super on your behalf. This happens when super funds transfer the balance of small, inactive accounts directly to the ATO. It’s still your super though, and you’re able to claim it and transfer it to your preferred super fund at any time. See our Unclaimed Super page for more details.

I’ve found some super, now what?

If the ATO’s myGov service database tells you that you have lost or unclaimed super, you should consider rolling it into one super account, so that you’re not paying separate management fees for every account.

Our Consolidating Super page has all the information you need to roll your super into one account.